Liquid Ice

Next Generation of Energy Drinks

Liquid Ice Energy is a premium brand known for its mixability. We can take you from day to night with our rich flavor profiles while giving you the boost you need. We go the extra mile to ensure we are sourcing the best ingredients to invigorate your mind and body. We are made for the go-getters, the grinders, the people that never stop.

Our Story

Our Story

Liquid Ice has been in business for 16 years and continues to grow every year. A USA made product that is produced in Wisconsin and Minnesota. It is distributed by participating Anheuser Bush, MillerCoors, and independent PepsiCo and Coca-Cola distributors in over 40 states. It is also available exclusively via or our online store featuring our flagship Arctic Berry, with an out of this world blue raspberry taste. Also, try our equally refreshing and energy-packed flavors like our energy drink flavor Supreme Classic, Cherry-licious, Citrus Pop, and Arctic Zero. 

What sets us apart from the rest?

It is an energy drink that is packed with flavor! It provides the absolute best tasting profile in the entire industry, with the highest level of ingredients. Liquid Ice also features the most advanced formulation that is setting a new standard to be the next generation of energy drinks. This next generation of energy drinks eliminates the unsavory after taste, crash, and jitters prevalent in all energy drinks. Liquid Ice is the most versatile energy drink that can be enjoyed in any activity you are engaged in, even as a mixer to your favorite adult beverages.