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Energy Drink Review

“it’s very flavorful, with a great boosted orange juice flavor and carbonation added. It’s great that there is a high quantity of vitamins B6 and B12, but it contains a lot of extra sugar as well. The drink amped up my energy quickly and is perfect for those energy drinkers out there.”


“The name and can itself are very appealing at first glance. Liquid Ice tastes pretty good, sweet and almost reminded me of an apple. In my opinion, it has a much better taste than other popular energy drinks. The special ingredient in this is CoQ-10 enzyme, which helps give you a focused feeling. It gives you the energy it promises, but no over the top crazy/jittery feeling. Tasted good, nice amount of caffeine, all those feel-good vitamins and enzymes, and no crash. If you like energy drinks, try this one out- also works good as a mixer 😉”

LIQUID ICE REVIEW – Sweet Cuisinera

Drink Review

“This is my first time trying out Liquid Ice Energy Drink and I’m loving it. The color blue drink looks so appealing and cool. It tastes so good that I don’t feel like I’m drinking an energy drink. This stuff tastes amazingly good and I personally love this product. A must-try indeed.”


“I decided to try it out while on a long shopping trip, and I feel like it provided me a tasty, but very fleeting, boost of energy to make it through. I thought the taste of the Blue variety was a lot like orange juice, just with carbonation and a lot of extra sugar added.”

LIQUID ICE REVIEW – Gina Shirley’s

Drink Review

“Let’s talk energy drinks – Liquid Ice. I even love the name. I’m an energy drink fanatic. I am down to one a day at the moment but have had a three to four a day habit in the past. This was delicious and only had 120 calories and only 19 mg of sodium – hooray (some of these things are loaded). The biggie for me – no jitters or hyped up feeling, just a natural energy feeling!!! They have several flavors, so I’m going have to try them all.”

LIQUID ICE REVIEW – Food and Garden Momma

Drink Review

“I finally had the chance to try the Liquid Ice Energy Drink and was very surprised by the taste. I never drink energy drinks because I hate the taste. But the Liquid Ice in the blue can was good. It didn’t have any aftertaste and wasn’t overly sweet. And for an energy drink, the smell was very light. I would highly recommend.”

LIQUID ICE REVIEW – Moms With Extra Cents

Drink Review

“I have seen this brand before but this is another new item for me. I was impressed by the flavor and it tasted really good. It was sweet and was pleasant to drink. The drink itself is bright blue which is neat. It gave me energy without a crash and overall I enjoyed this energy drink and would purchase it.”