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Liquid Ice Cocktail – @calimixers

Liquid Ice Cocktail – @bread_man32

Bulldog Margarita with Liquid Ice Blue!

– Ice
– 2oz of Tequila
– 1/2oz of Triple Sec
– Margarita Mix
– Salt
– Lime
– Liquid Ice Blue

How to Make:
1. Add Ice, Tequila, Triple Sec and Margarita Mix Into a shaker
2. Rim the glass with Salt
3. Pour mix into glass, top with a can of Liquid Ice Blue and Garnish with Lime

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Green Beer with Liquid Ice Blue!

On St. Patrick’s Day you need to drink the ultimate beer…GREEN BEER! Whether you’re partying it up at the world’s biggest St. Paddy’s party in Dublin, chilling at the local pub, or hanging with leprechauns at the end of the rainbow, you’ve got to have one of these in your hands next St. Patrick’s Day! Green beer is as festive as it gets, and it’s super easy to make. Cheers!

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Halloween Cocktail – Morgue-a-Rita!

1/2 Cup of Lime Juice
3/4 Cup of Tequila
3 oz of Triple Sec
Red sugar crystals

How To:
Pour lime juice, tequila, and triple sec into shaker. Shake until very cold. Rim the glass with red sugar crystals. Cut strawberries and insert into stirrer. Pour mixture into glass. Top with LIQUID ICE RED and enjoy!

Looking to add the cool smokey effect? Add Dry Ice! (handle with CAUTION)

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