Liquid Ice at the 67th Emmys Award

Rex LeeRex Lee (Actor)

Willie GaultWillie Gault (former American football wide receiver and Olympic athlete)

Patrick KilpatrickPatrick Kilpatrick (Actor, Producer & Director)
“Awesome flavors, Liquid Ice Blue and Red!”

Isaac C. Singleton Jr.Isaac C. Singleton Jr. (Actor)
“I am extremely glad to take home all the Liquid Ice, especially the RED!”

Jennessa RoseJennessa Rose (Actress)
“I am surprised by how perfect tastes it is!”

Préity ÜupalaPréity Üupala (Actress)
“I love the sweet and thrilling taste of Liquid Ice Red”

Zachary RiceZachary Rice (voice of the Minions in Despicable Me)

Chad RobertsChad Roberts (Actor)
“Liquid Ice Red is such an Amazing Energy Drink!”

Prince Mario MaxPrince Mario Max Schaumburg-Lippe (Actor and Director)